The Trail to Enlightenment

Life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti

Volume 3 : The Key to Super Consciousness


The Key to Super Consciousness explains the what and how of consciousness and the science that takes one into super consciousness. Theosophy is harmonised with Krishnamurti in this volume and mysteries about Krishnamurti are explored and turned around into wonderful findings.

An unknown Indian explains his enlightenment experience and how he attained super consciousness. The metaphysics of consciousness explained through an interesting dialogue with an illuminated man, who then establishes an easy-to-understand hypothesis for super consciousness and enlightenment.

Theosophy is harmonised with the teachings of Krishnamurti to show that while one is the metaphysics, the other is the art. This book also brings evidence that Krishnamurti never left Theosophy though people have believed otherwise.

The mystery of who was Krishnamurti has been revealed, and mystical aspects about him explained. This is a book that takes readers in a marvellous journey to discover the hidden role of Krishnamurti, as never done before. The book ends with where the trail to enlightenment actually begins, as it illuminates a path through the pathless land to the mountaintop.


  • Consciousness and the way to super consciousness with a triple principle, explained lucidly.
  • What is real spiritual progress and what is not spiritual progress has been explained. 
  • Theosophy harmonised with teachings, showing Krishnamurti begins where Theosophy ends.
  • The mystery of ‘who was Krishnamurti?’ has been solved after nearly 125 years.
  • Exhaustive index and many references, suitable for research too. 

ISBN 978-93-81639-97-9 (For this volume only)

ISBN is 978-93-81639-96-2 (For the set of 3 volumes with slipcase)


In the third and concluding book The Key to Super Consciousness, the refinement of consciousness has been explained as a science. Here I would say gifts of three depths are kindly bestowed by the author. To ordinary readers like me, he offers the key to open and understand the gateway to a better humanity. To deep readers, he awards the special gift of reaching the Promised Land – the mountaintop as he calls it. To the deepest and most god-gifted readers, this land confers the very spirit of the three books as an all-pervading, all-immanent universal spirituality. I find this depth hard to put into words.

Prof. Joy Sen, Professor, IIT Kharagpur.

Erasing the myths about God, this book takes a scientific approach and creates greater awareness about consciousness and the unknown. It contains an unusual insight into the hidden role of Jiddu Krishnamurti, revealing what makes him the greatest thinker of his times. I found it deep and captivating.

Ganga Prasad Vimal, Scholar, Poet and Author.

At its pinnacle, is deep spirituality an alternative to science? Does either of the two hold the key to the nature of the cosmos and the pattern of human existence on our planet and beyond? The Key to Super consciousness unfolds the ‘Consciousness model’ and its hidden spiritual role.

Jagmohan, Padma Vibhushan