The Trail to Enlightenment

Life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti

Volume 1 : The Hidden Side of Life


The Hidden Side of Life, is an amazing journey into the occult to uncover secret knowledge hitherto known to sages alone. With remarkable simplicity and clarity, Shuvendu explains the unexplainable.

Have we ever wondered about the mystical aspects of human life? Why we exist? What is our origin? What is the purpose of life? What is enlightenment? Is there really such a thing? This book tells it all.

Enlightenment is an amazing thing to know and the trail left behind by Jiddu Krishnamurti is perhaps the best way to it. An understanding of the hidden side of life or the secret knowledge is needed to understand it. In this book we meet this secret knowledge, encapsulated in Theosophy. This is where we must begin, posits the author, as Theosophy had also overshadowed the growing years of Krishnamurti.

Theosophy is a vast subject dealing with matter, life, consciousness and their inter-relationship. Drawing from rare books the author makes the difficult sound simple. An amazing story of the lost history of the world, how great civilisations have come and gone, tell us about things described in mythologies.


  • Most concise encyclopaedia of spiritual knowledge ever produced, narrated as a story.
  • A single book for knowing about Theosophy.
  • Life-after-death, enlightenment, and many more things explained wonderfully.
  • Amazing story of evolution of races on earth and the lost history of the world we must know.
  • Exhaustive index and many references, suitable for research too.

ISBN 978-93-81639-99-3 (For this volume only)

ISBN is 978-93-81639-96-2 (For the set of 3 volumes with slipcase)


The author takes us through a labyrinth of occult knowledge known to ancient druids and mystics and epitomised in Theosophy, as he prepares the foundation for the other two books.

Prof. Joy Sen, Professor, IIT Kharagpur.

In The Hidden Side of Life, the author  has shed copious light even on the darkest corners of what is usually labelled as ‘pre-creation void’ but the secret knowledge of which is known only to ‘the initiated’ and ‘the aroused’.

Jagmohan, Padma Vibhushan

This book deals with exploring the hidden depth of the human mind and uncovering the unexposed facets of our existence. I found it very informative and interesting.

Ganga Prasad Vimal, Scholar, Poet and Author.