The Trail to Enlightenment

Life and Teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti

Volume 2 : The Great Coming


The Great Coming, contains almost everything about Jiddu Krishnamurti in a single book. His discovery, boyhood, growing years, perplexing spiritual experiences, and his transformation into a World Teacher. With an entire spectrum of his teachings, this is probably the only book that beautifully narrates his life and also his teachings. 

Beginning with the discovery of Krishnamurti, this book narrates his boyhood and growing years. It is a moving story of a boy taken away from his father by Theosophists, denied formal schooling and groomed for a Messiah under the stern watchful eyes of his theosophical mentors. He undergoes a strange spiritual experience never heard before. He begins to suffer bouts of severe pain inside his head which neither doctors nor Theosophists could explain, but they transform his mind phenomenally.

He walks out of the shadow of Theosophy and becomes an independent teacher. He refuses disciples, saying, “My purpose is not to create discussions on authority, on the manifestations in the personality of Krishnamurti, but to give the waters that shall wash away your sorrows, your petty tyrannies, your limitations, so that you will be free …”, and firmly maintains that “Truth is a pathless land.” 

For nearly six decades he gives out public talks, his teachings. This book surprisingly covers almost the entire range of his teachings in a single book, quoting a little for each topic and arranging them under subheadings of general interest, which has not been attempted before.


  • Excellent narration of Krishnamurti’s perplexing early life and growing years.
  • Story of an amazing journey from the shadows of Theosophy to remarkable wisdom.
  • Comprehensive extracts of the entire range of teachings, squeezed into a single book.
  • Teachings arranged under subheadings with interesting interjections.
  • Exhaustive index and many references, suitable for research too. 

ISBN 978-93-81639-98-6 (For this volume only)

ISBN is 978-93-81639-96-2 (For the set of 3 volumes with slipcase)


The Great Coming is the heart of the author’s tireless effort. Here the author is at his best. Describing this as the land of Krishnamurti, the author has systematically and profusely unfolded extracts from his teachings. This is an excellent primer for those who wish to know more about the teachings. I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Prof. Joy Sen, Professor, IIT Kharagpur.

“This book is a detailed portrayal of Jiddu Krishnamurti, his growing years and his efforts to erase the myths about God. It depicts how he was a ray of hope that lit up the mirror of our understanding of the world. This is a wonderful book on Krishnamurti.”

Ganga Prasad Vimal, Scholar, Poet and Author.

The Great Coming is replete with the gems of Krishnamurti’s thoughts that lay bare the multi-pronged roots of the multi-faceted crises of contemporary civilisation.

Jagmohan, Padma Vibhushan