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Confusion about elementals and deities

Jiddu Krishnamurti Questions Theosophy Confusion about elementals and deities

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    Correct me if I am wrong. Each thought that we think, each feeling that we feel is converted to the elementals. Now elementals, if they don’t get fuel (i.e. sustained thought/feeling, or in other words, worship), they die. But if they get sufficient fuel (worship), then those elementals would follow the downward arc and take a birth into the mineral kingdom. Does it mean that by thinking of the constant thoughts, by feeling the same feelings, we give birth to the entirely new souls?

    Can we say the same about deities? Deity, being an elemental, that too which has been consistently fed with fuel (worship), does it take a birth in the mineral kingdom at some point of time in future?

    Moreover, just like how malicious deities impact the surrounding adversely, could there be such a thing as good deities that impact Nature/surroundings positively? How does the deity/elemental decide that now it’s the time to make an impact? Do they still take a birth after making an impact?

    Lastly, in part 1 of the book on page # 153, it is mentioned that when we hum a song in the mind, we can sing the tune in our minds perfectly because of the elementals. How exactly is the elemental involved in this case?

    As you can see, I have a big confusion about elementals and deities. Any holistic explanation on this whole matter is much appreciated.

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    Please look at it a little differently. Thoughts and feelings do not get converted into elementals; they are simply packets of vibrations in the respective worlds of nature carrying a characteristic as expressed by the thought or feeling. So they are like a “casing”, or “body”, or like a “shell”.

    Whenever a shell comes into being, it is like a house or habitat, and what comes in to inhabit it is an elemental. It is an elemental of the kind that represents its characteristics, and this “form” or “thought-form” becomes one of the several “bodies” for the elemental group-soul.

    We all know about human body, don’t we? Unless we feed it, the body will wither and die. Similarly, the thought-form also needs nourishment. In the absence of nourishment, it withers and dies. But, that does not kill the group-soul representing the elemental.

    All elementals are in the downward arc of evolution. So, the first elemental kingdom evolves in the second, then to the third and then into the mineral kingdom of life.

    By thinking we DO NOT give birth to life. Life is born only in the first elemental kingdom, as explained in the chapter on Theosophy. Once born, it is this life that evolves through all the kingdoms of life in the downward arc. By thinking we are only contributing towards its evolution. As they are in the downward arc, their evolution happens when we think of base or gross things. So, while we may help them in their evolution, anything gross hinders our own evolution.

    Elemental deities are one of these kinds of elementals. Their tendency is towards grossness and their next kingdom of life, after they have evolved, is in the mineral kingdom, as the lifeless matter around us.

    How can there be “good” deities? Good and bad, are however relative terms. Both good and bad deities are elementals of the third elemental kingdom. The good deities are the less evolved elementals as compared to the bad and bold-thirsty deities. The bad deities are the more evolved elementals and their next stage will be the mineral kingdom of life. This is easy to understand if we keep in mind that elemental kingdoms of life are in the downward arc, while our evolution is in the upward arc.

    You ask how the deities/elementals decide when to act or make an impact? Let me give an analogy. Suppose I make a heap of something. It piles up, isn’t it? It becomes taller and taller. After a certain height, it all crumbles down. That is also how elementals affect us. They gather together and keep accumulating until them become too unwieldy. Then they “spill over” or “collapse” and that creates a devastating impact.

    About the song, think of the tune as “life”. It is that life of the song elemental because of which the song is perfect.

    You are not the only not to understand elementals properly. It is a very difficult subject in Theosophy, and needs a vast study. I have only grazed the subject with some peripheral knowledge.

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